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As a recent college graduate, I understand how important it is to save every pretty penny possible (try saying that three times fast) and because of that, I give you a post about easy/cheap/neat gadgety things from one of my new favorite companies, Amron Experimental Inc.


The people from Amron Experimental Inc. would like you to meet the Re-Juicer. Simple yet semi-brilliant idea. This juicer is made from reused Poland Spring water bottle bottoms and because the plastic is flexible, there is a good chance you’re going to be able to get more juice inside of your glass than on the table. Plus at $6.50 each, it’s a good and eco-friendly (not to mention reasonable) investment.

And my personal favorite, Brush and Rinse toothbrush

Finding yourself spending a ton of money on those tiny little Dixie cups simply because you find it gross to drink out of the faucet when brushing your teeth? Or heck, maybe you don’t buy the cups and think it’s gross to drink out of the faucet but do it anyways (guilty). For the small germaphobe in all of us: Brush and Rinse toothbrush. The water actually travels through the handle of the brush and spouts out, much like a drinking fountain. If you have a public bathroom in the dorms or even share a bathroom in your apartment, think about how much more sanitary this would be than the mouth-to-faucet routine AND cost wise, you’re most likely saving.

Their website boasts the fantastic features of this product including: No disposable rinsing cups, no glass to wash, reducing sink clutter, and wonderful on vacations when you never know what went on in that Days Inn bathroom.

For more innovative products that make you think, “why didn’t I think of that?” check out their site.


Oh yeah. I was a proud owner of some inflatable furniture in my prime (and yes, by prime I mean in elementary school when I thought it was awesome) and my blue chair went right next to my green lava lamp (which I was also mistaken for thinking that was awesome as well). When I became an undergrad, I would occasionally think back to those marshmellow-y …things… and reminisce. However, the days of inflatable chairs were long gone and my generation matured to bigger and better things…the bean bag chair. Now, if you would, please join me on the path called memory lane and let’s now think back to the days when you could slide off of your chair (not sink into it) and think about how cool it would be to own a more sophisticated and illuminating version. Now, you’re thinking about Via Lattea by Mario Bellini.

According to Meritalia, the furniture is made of a “lightweight stainless steel mesh of the industrial filters, and the materials in recycled fibres used in construction or for the transportation of sugar, grains or stones are extremely low-cost and high-pressure technical materials.”

I’m not entirely sure of the cost because apparently after graduating, I have lost some of my vital researching skills but these pieces seem pretty priceless to me. They’re eco-friendly. They’re light weight and so they are easier to move around the room if you get bored with your current rooms feng shui. They have little low wattage lights inside so that they emit different colors which would be fantastic if you throw parties or just want to pretend you’re at a VIP night club. And last but certainly not least, it looks as though you could play a pretty great game of real world Tetris with the pieces if you were bored. Jackpot.

Practical? I’m not too sure

Snazzy? Absolutely

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