Ahh the joys of summer. Here in the good ole mitten, most of us Michiganders are cannonballing or bellyflopping into every open pool in sight due to the 85+ degree weather this week.  Not only did I get the memo that it’s time to get out and enjoy the sunshine but I’m pretty positive my clothes dryer thought my jeans and shirts should also enjoy it. Not quite following?

Well, in a much more pessimistic and less cutesie way…my clothes dryer decided to stop working. Even better, I found this out after I put in a giant load of jeans and t-shirts (caught me, I don’t usually separate my colors or types of clothing for that matter) and then saw that my dryer made that decision without my input. So now what’s a girl to do? Let them enjoy the sunshine and lay them out to air dry.

I have to admit, I’m not one who usually lays my clothes out to dry nor have I grown up with a clothes line so I haven’t exactly given it a second thought until now. I was intrigued. After doing some research, mainly from this site, this might have to be something I do more often. It’s free and it’s better for the environment. This is even beneficial for those who live in apartments or dorms because you could easily purchase an indoor line which folds up for easy storage in small places.

A nifty tid bit I stole from the linked article about benefits:

Benefits of line drying

The benefits of a solar clothes dryer, aka a clothes line are many; here’s just a few:

– Initial outlay is cheaper than a clothes dryer
– No ongoing energy costs
– No greenhouse gas emissions from usage
– The sun helps to kill bacteria
– A fresh smell for your clothes without the use of chemicals

I would even recommend reading the comments that the readers left behind. They have some great tips and opinions on the topic.

So where does this leave me? Well, it left me with some fresh smelling clothes and a believer in air drying. Where does that leave you (the college student or the young professional who lives in an extremely overpriced apartment no bigger than a refrigerator box)? With a lot more quarters…and hopefully a believer as well.