Caught me. Those aren’t the lyrics that Blackstreet sang BUT come on, that’s kind of creative on my part…right?

Anyways, this past weekend I took a much needed R&R vacation to Canada and while there are numerous differences between there and the US, I took a particular liking to the fact that they charge 5 cents per plastic bag in some major grocery stores. I personally feel that if I were to shop there, this would be an incentive to whip out my cloth bag rather than to be lazy and leave it at home. I even try to use my cloth bag for a purse so that if I go somewhere to pick up something out of the blue, I can skip the plastic bags because I have my own carrier with me. It isn’t that difficult to do and if you are saving the environment (and in Canada, saving money), why wouldn’t you?

To play devils advocate, I did a little research to find some info and I found out why some people don’t agree with me and I have to admit, they brought up some pretty great points. One in particular that stood out was the opinion that consumers shouldn’t be paying for the plastic bags when they weren’t really given a choice in the first place. It was the stores idea to bring them in and use them. Valid point.

You can go on for days and days and days and even a few more days about the pros and cons of plastic bags, paper bags, cloth bags, etc. However, I do know that less junk and garbage in the landfills, the better which is why I choose not to contribute to more useless waste.  I bring my own bag with me and I reuse it like you would not even believe.

My bag is from Kenneth Cole and while my exact bag isn’t on the site anymore, the shape and size of it are identical to this. Some other fun sites I found are: Green Girl World (a little expensive but cute if you want to spend a few more dollars), Project GreenBag, and if you want to buy in bulk for when you do pick up multiple things Envirosax.

If you’re still a tad unsure about what you want to do and if it’s worth it (and it is) look up some information on the plastic bag dilemma, there are a plethora of articles floating around the world wide web. Need to wait until your next paycheck before you make the purchase? In the mean time, ask for paper…not plastic 🙂