“There is no such thing as an ‘Eco’ clothing brand” explains designer Volkova.

This is definitely an interesting concept and something I haven’t exactly thought of before. Chances are you might not have either…

In an article on TreeHugger, she brings up a great point that more clothing lines means more trucks running, more factories producing, and since companies burn what they don’t sell…ultimately more waste. Volkova is offering something new and intriguing to society. Drum roll please… Patterns. If you’re like myself, you’re thinking “okay, there is NO way I can sew…this would look like a heap of cloth with random stitches in it” Well, I have news for you…the woman is a mind reader and one step ahead of us.

You can download the patterns then take them to your local tailor or seamstress to create if you’re not too handy with the needle and thread. This is beneficial for everyone. You can pick the cloth you want and even change the exact style that Volkova created. Whatever you want to do, you can. Plus, you start a relationship with your local tailor and by giving them business in an economy like the one we’re in, I’m sure they would appreciate the business.

You might be saying, “Alright Kate, in theory this is awesome and I’d like to high five you but this is going to be expensive!” Not so my dear friend. The patterns run from $6-25 and then it depends on cloth and what your tailor charges…that is it. In relation to the $60-300 items that are online from “eco” companies, this is pocket change.

I’m not suggesting you make your own clothes (unless you can and in that case, I’m impressed and a little jealous) but it is an idea for those of you who are interested. I don’t necessarily want to look like one of Volkova’s models and I think if I wore some of that to my sociology class, I might get a few strange looks but think of the possibilities. If more designers adopted this idea (especially with the use of technology on the rise) the local economy would be booming and we would all just look a little more exciting while helping the environment.

Check out the article on TreeHugger and Watch the video. I’m loving the jacket at 3:40 but I probably wouldn’t carry a plant in that pouch…good to know you could though. 🙂