Ch-check it out

I was perusing TreeHugger today and came across this little contraption. As a college student who loves procrastinating, coffee and I have developed quite the loving relationship; however, I can’t help but to have a few qualms about this.

#1) The price: $65. Yikes. I don’t quite understand why in the world this cuff is worth that much. I did a little bit of research and the best reason I can find is, “Only an exceptionally large, high-quality, urban-grown walnut or group of walnut trees would interest a timber or veneer buyer”. Well okay, fantastic…but is it really necessary that I’m wearing an exceptionally large urban grown walnut on my wrist?

I love the idea of this product but would love it so much more if it was affordable. If more people can purchase it and more of those cardboard sleeves can be eliminated, then it will truly serve its purpose.

#2) One size fits all. It says that it is 2 1/4 inches wide and on my wrist, that would be huge. Looking at the picture, it seems as though they could cut the cuff almost in half width wise and still keep my hand burn free (maybe it would even be a tad bit cheaper?). Style aside, I am assuming the cuff, since it is wood, does not bend to fit a small cup or stretch to fit a large. Would this item really be practical?

However, if you still want to purchase this cuff you can go here

Otherwise, there are also a lot of other sites that are selling cloth ones that slip onto your drink but they don’t double as a bracelet if you just type in Coffee Cuffs in yahoo or google. The ones on have clips you can clip onto your purse or your keychain so that it is always with you.

What do you think?